34mm scale "Cooling Tower" for use in Warhammer 40000 or Star Wars Legion

Cooling Tower scatter terrain piece for use in Warhammer 40K or Star Wars Legion skirmish game by Corvus Games Terrain

We've been very busy lately, printing new prototype models to go along with our existing Warhammer 40K terrain. Today we've got a new terrain piece prototype made specially for the upcoming Star Wars Legion skirmish game, but would also work fantastically with Necromunda, Infinity, or just as interesting tabletop terrain for 40K.

It's a cooling tower, or a comms relay station. It's fits 28mm - 34mm scale, and stand about 180mm tall with a diameter of 80mm approximately.

Test printed cooling tower 3D printed terrain piece for Warhammer 40K or Star Wars Legion

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