Don't get cabin fever

It's tricky to stay motivated with our hobby with the completely crazy situations unfolding all over the world right now. However, I think it's more than important than ever before to have something productive to focus on to help take our minds off social distancing, lockdowns and self-isolation.

The wargaming scene is, at its heart, a social one. It’s going to be harder in the coming weeks and months for gamers to meet up as they normally would, particularly with possible store and venue closures to prevent the spread, so the hobby aspect of wargaming will be important outlet.

We all have our unbuilt and unpainted piles of shame (some bigger than others!), and the coming weeks will be a great time to get these dusted off and put to a creative use. Now’s the time to work on that grimdark army idea, or finally put together your Frostgrave or Warcry warband. Maybe create a band of survivors for Last Days, or assemble your 20th Kill Team roster. How about all that terrain you’ve been storing? Give it some love with a coat of paint.