How to prepare your 3D printed wargaming terrain

Preparing your 3D printed Warhammer 40K terrain from Corvus Games Terrain

So your postie (mailman to our US friends) has delivered your new 3D printed terrain and you're anxious to get it on the gaming table. Whoa, hold your horses. Don't be so hasty. Like the rest of your plastic (ok, maybe metal or resin) game components, your pieces might have little imperfections on the surface. You might need to clean them up a little first with your hobby tools.

3D printed wargaming terrain sometimes has extra bits of plastic on the surface

Getting your print ready

But wait ... before you do any of that, it's time for a bath. No, not you ... the plastic. Although feel free to have a bath if that helps (not sure why it would but hey whatever floats your boat). Before getting your new 3D prints primed for paint, it usually helps to give them a quick scrub with lukewarm water and dish soap. It's not completely necessary, but it can remove some of the fine plastic hairs. Be careful not to use hot water though. A little going over with a toothbrush (again, please don't use your current toothbrush, we're talking an old toothbrush here) will dislodge any blips or zits on the surface of the print. It should take off any little stray plastic 'hairs' as well.

Lightly scrub your new 3D printed wargaming terrain with an old toothbrush

Let it chill for a while

Set the pieces aside to dry naturally for a few minutes or pat them dry with some paper towel.

Ok, we're ready for slicing and dicing. Depending on the piece, there might be some very thin plastic where the model adhered to the print bed. This looks like the flash found on moulded miniatures. The same method of removal applies too. A sharp hobby blade will trim this off neatly. Watch your fingers, and don't cut towards you. Go over the model looking for any other marks or blips not removed from scrubbing.

Trim off any excess extruded plastic from the 3D printed Warhammer 40K terrain

Clip out the 3D printed supports

Lastly, grab your pliers or side cutters and trim out the connector areas on the bases if needed. These should just break off. Not all the OpenLOCK pieces come with inbuilt supports but some do. Your Warhammer 40K printed terrain is now ready for priming and painting.

Your newly prepared Warhammer 40K 3D printed terrain from Corvus Games Terrain

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