Industrial Pipe Modular System Update V2

A huge number of people have contacted me through email and social media about how the next OpenLOCK compatible set of 40K tiles, the Industrial Pipe System, are coming along. I think some folks thought it had been shelved because of few updates, but I'm here to let you know that it's back on track.

After test printing some of the pipe sections are the Vats/tanks, I wasn't overly happy with the finished design, so I've gone back in to redesign them from the ground up.

I think the newer pipe sections are looking much, much better, with more details and a smoother finish. The walls and door sections are looking good as is. The Vats and holding tanks will be getting a thorough redesign next week, with a hopeful release date for the set approximately the last week in August/first week in September. All compatible with the popular Modular Corridor System set of Warhammer 40k terrain. So, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your Kill Team's rampaging over the new terrain!