New tile set in development for Space Hulk

During some of the test printing and prototyping of our newest modular tile set, a lot of feedback suggested it would be a great fit for the old classic Space Hulk game. That's definitely the case, and the new is being designed with that and games like Necromunda and 40K in mind.

However, wouldn't a dedicated set of 3D tiles for Space Hulk work even better? You betcha they would!

So we got to designing some new pieces specifically for Space Hulk players. These are a little different in size to our modular starter set, and are using an 8mm magnetic locking system, so they're not directly compatible.  We're using a 40mm floor square, which is great for allowing the bigger bases of Terminator type models. The walls are separate from the floor section which is great for determining line of sight or just allowing for those tricky sticky-out arms of Genestealers. Wall height is set at 60mm. We're adding loads of little details and gribbly bits to the walls and corner areas. 

While not an "exact" copy of the 3rd/4th edition cardboard tiles, they'll fit the map layouts in the mission book perfectly, albeit at a slightly larger scale. We're super excited about this one, and can't wait to get test printing full layouts to play on. Keep an eye on the blog or our Facebook page for more updates

Corvus Games Terrain 3D printed scenery for Space Hulk