Sector Corvus Prime on Kickstarter

Sector Corvus Prime is a huge set of modular 3D printable sci-fi terrain pieces from Corvus Games Terrain now on Kickstarter.

Fully funded and featuring over 200 digital STL files, the campaign features three pledge levels catering for most budgets. The terrain is aimed mainly at Warhammer 40K, Necromunda and Kill Team players but can work across many sci-fi wargaming systems, and being digital files, pieces can be scaled accordingly to suit the game system.

Currently the terrain pieces are using the OpenLOCK clipping system, but the range has been just been expanded to include compatibility with the hugely popular WarLayer 4.0 terrain system. Backers will receive both versions giving a massive number of files in the final downloadable package. Stretch goals are also being unlocked providing backers with more scatter terrain to enhance their wargaming tables.

All of the models print without the need for supports, and are designed to print vertically for maximum quality on FDM printers. Maximum size will fit average printer beds - 200mm x 200mm. The models have also been test printed by members of the wargaming / 3D printing community.

Sector Corvus Prime modular sci-fi 3D printable terrain for Kill Team, 40K, Necromunda

There are three pledge levels available to backers with the All-In Pledge providing the biggest discount and variety in downloadable STL files. Currently over 230 files are supplied at the All-In level, with even more being added utilising the WarLayer 4.0 compatible pieces. Backers will also receive the range of unlocked stretch goals which includes scatter pieces like industrial machinery, elevated walkways, crates and barrels, industrial style sci-fi shipping containers and a supply fuel line with an overhead walkway. Sector Corvus Prime provides more than enough variety to fill your wargaming tables.

Back us on Kickstarter today.

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