Why 3D Printed wargaming terrain is the best thing to have happened for wargamers

Who doesn’t love tabletop wargames?! If anything could ever synergise the joy of gaming with the pleasantly stressful (if that means something!) pressures of being in a battle scenario and devising awesome strategies to beat your opponent (in a friendly way!) then you do not have to look beyond wargames.


3D printed battlefield terrain

But like with most things, time and technology have revolutionized these perennial favorites too. The technology in question here is 3D printing which has changed the face of wargaming terrain.


What is 3D printing?

3D printing builds physical objects based on virtual designs by adding multiple layers of material one upon another in multiple layers till a tangible product is built.

And it is this very concept and the myths surrounding it that have created a few murmurs in the wargaming world.

But have a look at just these two of the many pros of using 3D printed wargaming terrain and you’d realise why it is the best thing to have happened to wargaming in a long time.


It is cost efficient

Easily the greatest myth surrounding 3D printing is that it is very expensive. But as it turns out, the opposite is true! 3D printing is a highly cost effective tool and using the technology for printing your wargaming terrain at home would never burn a hole in your pocket.


Customisation & Innovation

3D printing allows you to customise and design the terrain as you want. There is always a scope for innovation and creativity in tabletop games and 3D printing is what allows you to make it even more fun and interesting. You don't necessarily need to purchase set, pre-designed terrain structures and you could pretty much innovate and explore the game better with your customised 3D terrain. Print what and how much you need, when you need it.