British Light Tank - Vickers MkVI


The Light Tank Mark I to Mark V were a series of related designs of light tank produced by Vickers for the British Army during the interwar period.

The British did not expect their light tanks to be used against anything except other light tanks at most and as such armament was a machine gun only—Vickers machine guns firing either a .303 inch or .0.5 inch (12.7 mm) round. Suspension was Horstmann coil spring on bogies. The engine was a Meadows 6-cylinder petrol. Up until the Mk V, they were crewed by a driver-commander and gunner. The Mk VI had a driver, a gunner and the commander helping on the gun.

The various marks were produced in relatively small numbers. By the Mark V, the design was more or less optimised and it was the final development of in the form of the Light Tank Mk VI which was chosen for the British Army expansion programme in expectation of war.

This 28mm scale Light Tank MkVI tank is 3D printed in PLA plastic in four parts. Perfect scale for games of Bolt Action / Konflikt '47. This model is split into tracks, hull and turret, with added locking holes to help line up the tracks. Some CA glue (superglue) will cement them in place. Printed at 0.1 layer height to minimise layer lines.

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Supplied unpainted and requiring assembly. Printed vehicles require some cleanup. Miniature shown for scale only and not included. 


3.9cm (W) x 7.1cm (L) x 3.8cm (H) 


Officially licensed model by TigerAce1945.
STL can be found here

Corvus Games Terrain licensed printer for 3D WW2 tanks and vehicles by TigerAce1945


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