3D printed Sci-fi Greebles Pack A - Physical Print


3D printed add-ons for your scratch-built or purchased buildings. Really useful for hobbyists who want to add "greeblie" bits to their terrain. Add doors and vents to your foam board structures to give them an an extra "sci-fi" feel. Designed for 28mm-34mm war-games such as Warhammer 40K and Star Wars Legion.

36 pieces in total.

Ships with:

  • Doors x 4
  • Ladders x2
  • Round Vents x4
  • Long Rectangular Vents x6
  • Hexagonal Vents x2
  • Chamfered Vents x2
  • Lights x2
  • Door Keypads x6
  • and more

Great companion pieces to the very popular printed Greebles Pack B

Supplied in unpainted PLA plastic.


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