Pilgrim City Commerce Guild Complex - Physical Print


The Pilgrim City range continues to expand with this huge 3D printed Commerce Guild complex.
Featuring multiple levels with access via in-built ladders, the buildings are linked by walkways above the entrance archways. Perfect for line of sight blocking and providing light cover, some of the upper rooftops feature gangways and low height walls. 

Comprising of 15 pieces, this 3D printed Commerce Guild comple will form a great centrepiece for the rest of the Pilgrim City range of models which all feature a similar architectural style, and it's a really fun model to stage a battle around.
Scale the heights to the rooftops and use them to your advantage, while removable doors allow access to the internal layouts where you can continue your battles or hide your units. The walls bare the scars of previous battles and years of neglect with visible cracks and brickwork showing through crumbling plaster.
Multiple access points make it a great terrain piece to fight in or use as an objective. 


  • Building A
  • Building B
  • Building C
  • Archway A
  • Archway B
  • Surrounding Walls


Building A - Lower: 186mm x 108mm x 76mm
Building A - Upper: 193mm x 106mm  63mm
Building A - Roof: 136mm x 83mm x 22mm

Building B - Lower: 121mm x 129mm x 67mm
Building B - Upper: 114mm x 110mm x 89mm
Building B - Roof: 114mm x 110mm x 28mm

Building C - Lower: 191mm x 119mm x 83mm
Building C - Roof: 170mm x 113mm  34mm

Archway A: 80mm x 50mm x 73mm
Archway B: 121mm x 50mm x 110mm

The entire printed complex measures a huge 465mm (18") x 363mm (14") x 178mm (7")

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