Pilgrim City Governor's Building

The seat of governmental power in the holy city is the Governor's Building, an ancient structure that towers above the dusty streets. Years of Imperial disinterest in overall maintenance have left their mark on the building, with crumbling corners and cracked plaster showing the building blocks beneath.

The model comes as 6 pieces, with three making up the actual building, and the other three pieces comprising the ramp to the main door. Designed to complement the buildings in the Pilgrim City range for galactic battles.


Lower Building - 118mm x 119mm x 93mm
Upper Building - 116mm x 120mm x 113mm
Roof - 94mm x 94mm x 47mm
Ramp Section 1 - 108mm x 45mm x 112mm
Ramp Section 2 - 52mm x 51mm x 73mm
Ramp Section 3 - 50mm x 96mm x 61mm

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