Pilgrim City Printed Bundle


3D printed terrain models for epic galactic battles through the narrow dusty streets of pilgrim moon’s holy city. Featuring 6 structures to populate your gaming boards to create the centuries old look of the holy city.

A great way to outfit a full 3x3 gaming area for use in games of Legion or other sci-fi inspired war-games.

Buildings 'B' and 'C' are designed to fit with the connecting arch/walkway.

Included in this bundle are:

Pilgrim City House ‘A’

Pilgrim City House ‘B’

Pilgrim City House ‘C’

Pilgrim City Shrine

Pilgrim City Steps & Archway

Pilgrim City Trader’s Marketstall

Scaled to fit 32mm tabletop war-games. Rendered images show approximate finished size of models, barricades not included. Miniature shown for scale is 32mm to the eyes.

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