Sigillum Maleficis Chaos Altar - Physical Print


This ancient stone altar to the dark gods lies desolate. Its arcane power lost when the mighty chaos star at its heart cracked under the powerful magic at play. At the centre lies the altar box, inscribed with a powerful ancient sigil. Perhaps the power within these stones is just slumbering, waiting to be unearthed and revived.

This 3D printed Chaos Altar will make a great centrepiece to your gaming table, and would look equally great in a sci-fi setting as it would in a fantasy setting.
An ideal companion piece to the other models in the Sigillum Maleficis range like the ruined Wizards Tower and the Holy Sanctuary ruins.


186mm x 186mm x 72mm

Supplied in unpainted PLA plastic. Miniature shown for scale only, and not included.

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