Industrial Chemworks Modular Set 3D printable

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Fight in and around industrial complexes, fuel refineries and derelict factory settings and create the perfect kill zones with this modular terrain. Over 60 3D printable models give you the freedom to lay out you battle area any way you choose. This set features multiple wall and floor tiles designed to be compatible with the popular Modular Corridor System, and is ideal for games like Kill Team and Necromunda, where tight spaces and fire lanes dictate how you play.

Fully OpenLOCK compatible, the set also features 11 standalone industrial scatter pieces that you use as line of sight blocking and cover. The set also comes with an elevated standalone walkway system with corner pieces and T-junction pieces.


Designed with smaller print beds in mind. No supports needed. There are a few pieces which may be too large for smaller printers, and these can be split using applications like Meshmixer.

OpenLOCK compatible set - official license from PrintableScenery

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