About Corvus Games Terrain

Well simply put, Corvus Games Terrain is a small home studio run by Stephen, creating 3D printed wargaming terrain compatible with many popular tabletop games systems

I've been a war-games hobbyist since the early 1990s and love collecting and painting miniatures, as well as creating awesome terrain.
Like most hobbyists, I began making terrain for our boards with foamcore, styrene, and cardboard. I had loads of fun with flock and PVA glue, and all the usual terrain making bits and pieces. But then along came affordable 3D printers!! So I put aside the hobby knife, steel rulers and coffee stirrers, and out came rolls of PLA filament, tutorials on bed levelling, and blogs about unclogging jammed nozzles. Oh, the glorious and frustrating world of 3D printing terrain.

Now Corvus HQ is focused completely on making awesome wargaming 3D printable terrain. There's nothing I love more than spending hours designing and test printing new pieces. It's amazing to watch new designs come off the printer, get painted up, and be ready for the battlefield in just a few short hours.