Corvus Games Terrain Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens when I buy an STL file?

A: When you purchase the STL terrain you'll receive a download link to a zip file at checkout. You'll also receive an email to confirm your order along with a link to where you can download your files.

Q: What settings should I use when printing my terrain?

A: Generally it's best to print all our terrain at .2 layer height. It gives great quality prints while not comprising on speed. You could print at .1 but there isn't a massive jump in quality to warrant the drop in speed.

Q: Can i re-sell/share Corvus Games Terrain files and/or prints?

A: No, please don't. You're more than welcome to make as many prints for your own personal use as you like. But it's definitely not cool to sell or re-distrubute the files or to sell the prints. Contact me if you'd like to discuss a licensing agreement for printing.

Q: How long will my printed order take?

A: I try to ship printed models within 10 business days of ordering. Some terrain pieces may take longer, depending on the amount of pieces to be printed in the order.

Q: I love your models, but how much will shipping cost?

A: Let's use the the modular starter set as an example. Shipped internationally (anywhere outside of Ireland) it costs €5.50. If you want to combine postage on items, just contact us and we'll get you an estimate.

Q: I don't see a printed version of a model on the site. How can I get one?

A: I'm working on getting all of the STLs available as printed files. As you might imagine it takes quite some time to get models printed, painted, and written about. With the Corvus Prusa printer (we're calling it CRVS-1) working flat out on customer orders, it hard to find the time to do our own prints. But if there's a particular model you'd like printed, email me and I can give you an estimated price on the order.