Pilgrim City Traders Market Stall 3D printable


Are you looking for mementos and trinkets to commemorate your trip to the holy city? Then look no further than the traders and their markets stalls. Whether it's fresh produce from across the galaxy, Kyber jewellery, holy texts, or just a snack, the trader's market has it all.

The Trader's Market Stall is designed to fit with the rest of our hugely popular Pilgrim City range, and looks great with the Pilgrim City House 'B', the Archway and Steps, and Pilgrim City House 'C'.

This comes as 6 pieces, including the market stall itself with incorporated 'fresh' produce, and the outside canopy. A single empty produce crate is also included.

Designed to fit on smaller bed printers such as the Monoprice Select Mini. No supports required.


Lower Building - 76mm x 103mm x 100mm
Building Roof - 74mm x 100mm x 32mm
Produce Stall - 40mm x 60mm x 35mm
Stall Canopy Frame - 60mm x 102mm x 53mm
Canopy Top - 59mm x 99mm x 20mm

* New canopy design has removable roof which prints separately, and features diagonal struts for better support.

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