Command Gatehouse Digital STL 3D Printable

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This massive 3D printable Command Gatehouse is perfect for sci-fi wargaming tables. Scaled for 28mm - 34mm games. Fits with the Command Platform and Command Buildings for thematic layouts.

A huge double-sided gatehouse/fortress with removable large gate and internal windows. An overhead walkway spans the area between the two guard towers with a doorway in each to allow for interior play using the separate drop-in floors. Ladders on each upper part of the guard tower give access to the upper roofs to place your snipers.

Each tower prints as three separate stackable structures topped off with a roof piece. The connecting walkway slots into place behind the individual gate sections. 11 pieces in total make up the overall structure with a slot-in large gate being an optional print. The central gate area clips to the guard tower buildings using OpenLOCK technology.

Extra struts for the gateway along with a taller gate are included if you want to create a very tall gatehouse building to allow certain armoured machinery to pass through.

The assembled building measures a huge 446mm x 165mm x 204mm, more than enough to cover a large gaming area on a 3x3 board.

Important! To print the right-side guard tower, simply mirror the selected Guard Tower parts along the X-axis in your slicer.


Lower Building - 116mm x 105mm x 63mm
Upper Building A - 109mm x 119mm x 63mm
Upper Roof - 135mm x 165mm x 24mm
Bridge Lower - 27mm x 153mm x 120mm
Gate - 134mm x 111mm x 3mm
Bridge Walkway - 115mm x 180mm x 24mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. All files can be printed on a 200mm x 200mm print bed.  No need for supports.
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing