Kill Zone Modular Tiles Digital STL 3D printable

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Create your own totally unique battle zones with these 3D printable OpenLOCK compatible modular floor tiles for Kill Team. Each tile piece measures 101.6mm x 101.6mm (4 inch square approx) and uses the popular OpenLOCK connecting system from PrintableScenery and is fully compatible with other 3rd party OpenLOCK tiles, as well our very popular Modular Corridor System. Perfect for building custom and completely modular kill zones and battlegrounds.

To build your custom kill zone, just select your tile, push in the OpenLOCK connecting clips into the ports on the side of the tile, and connect to the next piece. Very quickly, you can create a completely distinctive battle zone, set up and ready to play on. The beauty of the modular aspect of the tiles is that no two layouts need to be similar. Just add your own scatter pieces and/or buildings and you're ready to go. Very easy to store, and great for transporting to the gaming store or a friend's house.

Tiles L - U are perfect for creating a road layout, featuring either cracked asphalt or metal slabs with pavement/industrial edges.

21 different designs included. 

Designed with smaller print beds in mind. Perfect for the Monoprice Select Mini. No supports needed.

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