Grimdark UnderNidus Hab Building Digital STL 3D printable

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This 28mm scale 3D printable UnderNidus Hab Building is inspired by the grimdark industrial megalopolis of the far future. Each of the two buildings feature removable doors and removable roof for interior play. The upper building is free to move around so could be used separately too. A stairs is included to access the upper structure and slot-in railings can provide your units with (a little!) cover.

Combine with the UnderHidus Pump Station and ShakStak Hab Buildings to increase the size of your sci-fi industrial shanty town. Add extra Chemical Storage tanks or Cargo Shipping Containers for line-of-sight blocking. Ideal companion piece to the massive UnderNidus Stacks set.


Lower - 162mm x 138mm x 63mm
Lower Roof/Platform - 174mm x 174mm x 8mm
Upper - 132mm x 99mm x 63mm
Upper Roof - 134mm x 98mm x 8mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm layer height. 
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing