Urban Gas Station 3D printable


Ideal for 28mm games like Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse, Fallout, The Walking Dead, This Is Not A Test - this urban 'Peak Oil' branded Gas Station is a great place for your band of survivors to hide out.

Comes as 17 components including small scatter pieces such as dumpster, pallet, tire stack, trash receptacle, display rack. Features a ladder to the roof at the back of the workshop/garage building to allow access for your models. Comes with a small section of sidewalk to can wrap around the shop building. Two sets of fuel pumps with pillars hold up to main forecourt roof, and has an on-street display sign with the Peak Oil logo.

Overall Dimensions of the main buildings:

228mm x 120mm x 87mm

Designed with smaller print beds in mind. Perfect for the Monoprice Select Mini. No supports needed. The Forecourt roof comes with the option for printing on small beds as a split model which will need gluing.

Rendered miniature model shown for scale is 28mm to the eyes.

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