Urban Strip Mall 3D printable

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Have a fun day out browsing the empty shelves and racks at the stores in the urban Strip Mall for 28mm tabletop war-games. Perfect for games of post-apocalyptic fallout mayhem, hiding from the undead or rival gangs of survivors, or as a safe refuge. The rooftops and stores are great for placing objective markers and also for line of sight blocking and providing cover. 

Incorporates a built-in ladder to the back to allow access to the roof areas. Also comes with an optional fire escape stairs. 3 main store buildings with removable roofs, and doors. The overall completed model measures 332mm x 119mm x 105mm (13" x 5" x 4").


Building: 110mm x 68mm x 53mm
Overhangs with Pillars: 110mm x 52mm x 50mm
Rooftops: 110mm x 113 x 54mm
Fire Escape: 30mm x 106mm x 82mm

Designed with smaller print beds in mind. Perfect for the Monoprice Select Mini. No supports needed. The main roof tops would benefit from being glued to the overhangs underneath for extra stability, but it's not necessary.

Rendered miniature model shown for scale is 28mm to the eyes.

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