Colony Mining Town Bundle Digital STL 3D printable

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The Mining Town in the Colony features a utilitarian architecture style easily constructed using pre-fabricated panels. Built for function rather than comfort, each building was designed to house the off-world workers of the colony. Exposed pipework, enviro-cycler units, industrial lighting, and plastcrete panels all point to a structure built for functionality.

This 3D printable bundle of 8 buildings allows for a lot of variation in how you assemble them. Each building comes as three main components - lower floor with removable door, stackable upper level, and a roof. This allows you to assemble them as single storey or multi-level buildings, depending on how many upper levels you print.

The buildings all feature a roof accessible by ladder, perfect for snipers, and internal floors for the upper levels, with the removable roof allowing you place your units inside and fire through the window openings.

Each building also has locking holes for the included walkways, give you the opportunity to use the elevation to cross from structure to structure.
Set up the buildings as a dense urban street layout perfect for close quarter fights, or scale up the elevation to encourage flying units and snipers!


Building A - Lower: 129mm x 139mm x 69mm
Building A - Upper: 131mm x 130mm x 63mm
Building A - Roof: 134mm x 130mm x 33mm

Building B - Lower: 126mm x 130mm x 108mm
Building B - Upper: 122mm x 121mm x 59mm
Building B - Roof: 114mm x 114mm x 33mm

Building C - Lower: 129mm x 132mm x 69mm
Building C - Upper: 130mm x 129mm x 69mm
Building C - Roof: 125mm x 127mm x 35mm

Building D - Lower: 137mm x 127mm x 69mm
Building D - Upper: 128mm x 126mm x 69mm
Building D - Roof: 125mm x 127mm x 35mm

Building E - Lower: 131mm x 104mm x 69mm
Building E - Upper: 131mm x 104mm x 69mm
Building E - Roof: 131mm x 102mm x 31mm

Building F - Lower: 132mm x 110mm x 69mm
Building F - Upper: 134mm x 104mm x 69mm
Building F - Roof: 132mm x 102mm x 31mm

Building G - Lower: 106mm x 115mm x 102mm
Building G - Upper: 103mm x 106mm x 102mm
Building G - Roof: 103mm x 103mm x 34mm

Building H - Lower: 125mm x 104mm x 69mm
Building H - Upper: 125mm x 94mm 69mm
Building H - Roof: 125mm x 90mm 32mm

Walkway A - 110mm x 40mm x 5mm
Walkway B - 160mm x 40mm x 17mm

No need for supports. Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm.
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing.

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