Droid Maintenance Workshop Digital STL 3D printable

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In the market for a 'like-new' protocol droid? Or perhaps your ageing little astromech unit needs a new motivator? Well look no further than Yariss Tomar's Droid Workshop. Carrying the latest and greatest off-world components and upgrades, let old Yariss take care of all your droid maintenance needs.

This modular terrain allows you to build a huge droid workshop and compound in different configurations. Featuring 3 different curved wall sections, and 2 straight sections, you can build as big as you need.
The main building has three modular floors with ladder access at the side to allow your miniatures to make the most of vertical line-of-sight.

Wall sections have holes for 8mm x 3mm magnets.
No supports needed for most of the model, but recommended for the opening in the main gate, and the building's access gate.