DX-120 Light Freighter Digital STL 3D Printable

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Ensure your 'cargo' arrives safely and without and imperial entanglements in this highly modified DX-120 light freighter from DavINC Industries. Aided by the onboard K3R1 navi-computer, the DX-120 is known throughout the Outer Rim for its speed and manueuvrability, and sports extra underslung cargo pods which are easily jettisoned for a speedy getaway when needed. It's no slouch in a straight fight either, being armed with a side-mounted DavINC twin laser canon, with a second port-side TLT as an optional extra.

This 3D printable STL model comes as 9 pieces for easier printing and assembly. The main ship has been split into two main sections oriented to print vertically and then be glued back together. The landing gear print separately and glue into position in the slots provided.

Optional version supplied with the main hull split into 5 sections to print on smaller print beds. You may need to scale the entire model to about 98% for comfort as it might be a tight fit for the smaller print beds like the Monoprice Select Mini.


Overall: 280mm x 200mm x 95mm

Pieces will need to be glued together using CA glue/Superglue.

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