Grimdark UnderNidus Gas Processing Unit Digital STL 3D printable

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This 28mm scale 3D printable UnderNidus Gas Processor Unit is an ideal terrain piece for the grimdark hive city or as part of an industrial themed battlefield.

Scaled for 28mm - 32mm, it prints in multiple parts and includes to access points via stairs on either side. An upper platform area gives height as well as adding some protection with the supplied side railings. The horizontal gas tanks are supplied as both a single tank and a combined trio to fit under the lower platform.
A tall cylindrical chemical storage tank with vented top section fits into the upper platform. Finish off the Processer Unit with a spherical fuel container.

Combine with the UnderNidus Riser Platform, UnderNidus Sump Control Building, UnderHidus Pump Station and ShakStak Hab Buildings to increase the size of your sci-fi industrial shanty town. Also an ideal companion piece to the massive UnderNidus Stacks set.

The stairs and railings will need to be glued together. Steps for the stairs will glue into the corresponding slots on the railings. 10 steps will be required.


Lower Platform - 163mm x 83mm x 4mm
Lower Platform Front Railing - 23mm x  160mm x 6mm
Lower Platform Stair Side A - 84mm x 108mm x 6mm
Lower Platform Stair Side B - 59mm x 102mm x 6mm

Upper Platform Support - 96mm x 150mm x 87mm
Upper Platform - 166mm x 128mm x 4mm
Upper Platform Side Railing - 31mm x 128mm x 6mm
Upper Platform Stair - 53mm x 43mm x 6mm

Side Stairs Railing A - 71mm x 85mm x 6mm
Side Stairs Railing B - 85mm x 117mm x 6mm
Side Stairs Railing C - 58mm x 71mm x 6mm
Side Stairs Railing D - 24mm x 43mm x 6mm

Gas Tank Horizontal - 53mm x 144mm x 61mm
Gas Tank Horizontal x3 - 152mm x 143mm x 61mm
Spherical Fuel Container - 102mm x 99mm x 100mm
Cylindrical Chemical Tank - 74mm x 74mm x 124mm
Cylindrical Chemical Tank Top - 72mm x 72mm x 38mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. All files can be printed on a 200mm x 200mm print bed. Supports not needed.
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing.