Haarapan Plains Rocky Scatter Digital STL 3D printable

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Add to your grasslands town themed gaming table with this bundle of ten 3D printable rock scatter terrain pieces to print at home. Scaled for 28mm - 34mm these are ideal for adding line-of-sight blocking pieces to the gaming table and could be used in a variety of environments.

Six standalone rock formations are included as well as four unique 'merged' pieces.

Make variations by scaling them or try combining them in your slicer or Meshmixer for truly unique rock formations. Scale, mirror and rotate as needed.
This can be achieved in PrusaSlicer by importing the models, arranging them and right clicking. Select 'Merge', and then 'Export Plate as STL'.

Combine with the Haarapan Plains buildings to recreate a great grasslands themed table.

Designed to fit 200mm x 200mm FDM print beds.


Rocky Scatter 01 - 112mm x 110mm x 109mm
Rocky Scatter 02 - 115mm x 113mm x 100mm
Rocky Scatter 03 - 140mm x 128mm x 99mm
Rocky Scatter 04 - 178mm x 176mm x 156mm
Rocky Scatter 05 - 119mm x 140mm x 66mm
Rocky Scatter 06 - 180mm x 196mm x 105mm
Merged Scatter 07 - 119mm x 116mm x 93mm
Merged Scatter 08 - 119mm x 142mm x 93mm
Merged Scatter 09 - 112mm x 111mm x 87mm
Merged Scatter 10 - 180mm x 196mm x 105mm

No need for supports. Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. 
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing

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