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Isolation Protocol is a set of completely modular 3D printable 28mm - 32mm wargaming terrain based on the hugely popular WarLayer 4.0 system allowing you to create modular layouts and featuring over 400 digital STL files to download and print at home. Scaled for 28mm sci-fi games.

All of the models print without the need for supports, and are designed to print vertically for maximum quality on home desktop FDM printers, and will fit the average sized 200mm x 200mm print bed.

The Isolation Protocol system is designed around a simple 3" x 3" construction. They are also fully compatible with the WarLayer components from our first Kickstarter, Sector Corvus Prime

Grab a FREE sample set to try out for yourself!

Each wall measures 76.2mm / 3 inches high, and when attached to the support poles on either side, they form a structure 3 inches wide, perfect for games such as the popular grid based Deadzone and even Dust Tactics. Simply add three more walls and a roof and you have a great building cube to fight around.

Supplied with ALL unlocked stretch goals including Walkways, new roof options, pipelines, ramps and stairs, shipping container, WarLayer 1x1 wall versions, overhangs and awnings, and scatter pieces.

Isolation Protocol was originally released as as Kickstarter in 2020.

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