Mecha City Alpha Buildings Destroyed Bundle 6mm Digital STL 3D printable

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An immersive set of destroyed 6mm Mecha City Alpha buildings. This bundle of 15 3D printable buildings allows you to build an impressive, ruined 6mm-scale cityscape.

Includes the option to print each building with hex bases.

A perfect addition to the Mecha City Alpha set of 3D printable buildings.

Pair with the Mecha City Downtown B Buildings, Mecha City Airbase, the Mecha City Factory or Large Hangar Bays for a huge thematic city build!

Hexes measure 33mm x 38mm


Building 1 - 124mm x 91mm x 38mm (Hex 152mm x 132mm x 41mm)
Building 2 - 51mm x 53mm x 59mm (Hex 82mm x 66mm x 61mm)
Building 3 - 48mm x 48mm x 37mm (Hex 82mm x 66mm x 40mm)
Building 4 - 49mm x 47mm x 20mm (Hex 82mm x 66mm x 23mm)
Building 5 - 48mm x 44mm x 43mm (Hex 82mm x 66mm x 46mm)
Building 6 - 48mm x 47mm x 64mm (Hex 82mm x 6mm x 67mm)
Building 7 - 124mm x 86mm x 82mm (Hex 152mm x 115mm x 78mm)
Building 8 - 141mm x 84mm x 45mm (Hex 165mm x 95mm x 48mm)
Building 9 - 47mm x 48mm x 44mm (Hex 82mm x 66mm x 47mm)
Building 10 - 141mm x 118mm x 32mm (Hex 148mm x 123mm x 35mm)
Building 11 - 150mm x 117mm x 28mm (Hex 82mm x 66mm x 61mm)
Building 12 - 50mm x 51mm x 20mm (Hex 66mm x 82mm x 23mm)
Building 13 - 54mm x 54mm x 20mm (Hex 66mm x 82mm x 23mm)
Building 14 - 136mm x 119mm x 80mm (Hex 152mm x 132mm x 83mm)
Building 15 - 59mm x 77mm x 28mm (Hex 66mm x 82mm x 31mm)

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. All files can be printed on a 200mm x 200mm FDM print bed. Supports not needed for FDM. Pieces aren't pre-supported for resin printing. The user is required to prepare and support the files for their resin 3D printing system.