Mecha City Large Hangars 6mm Digital STL 3D printable

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This 6mm scale Mecha City Hangar Set includes two massive hangars for vehicles and mechs. The larger hangar consists of two components, allowing the roof to be removed for inserting miniatures. The smaller hangar also has a removable roof, plus three variations for the lower section - closed door, open doors, and open with a removable door.

Combine with the Mecha City Airbase and the Mecha City Factory building and pipelines for an amazing layout.

Assembled sizes: Smaller Hangar Bay 155 x 113mm x 91mm
Hangar Mech Bay 184mm x 177mm x 110mm


Large Hangar Mech Bay Lower - 184mm x 177mm x 94mm
Large Hangar Mech Bay Roof - 153mm x 170mm x 20mm

Smaller Hangar Bay Lower - 154mm x 113mm x 56mm
Smaller Hangar Bay Lower - 155mm x 111mm x 38mm

Mech & 6mm Figure for scale only. Not supplied.

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. All files can be printed on a 200mm x 200mm FDM print bed. Supports not needed for FDM. Pieces aren't pre-supported for resin printing. The user is required to support the files for their 3D printing system.