MidRim City Core Box Terrain Holders Digital STL 3D printable

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This bundle of 3D printable buildings doubles as handy storage for all the tokens and measuring tools in the core Legion box. The four included buildings and vent tower all fit into the core box, and feature drop-in tray inserts for tokens, barricades, dice, cards and movement tools.

Each building has a removable roof for access to the interiors. Doors can be lifted out, and set comes with a simple gangway to connect between buildings. Two blank roof signs are included and can be used as standalone barricades.

The included narrow vent tower is a three-part print which has space inside the hold the game's measurement tools or dice if needed. The two drop-in trays for Building C/D can also double as extra small terrain pieces.

Ideal companion pieces to the rest of the MidRim City collection.


Building A Lower - 122mm x 187mm x 83mm
Building B Roof - 124mm x 189mm x 5mm

Building B Lower - 114mm x 155mm x 83mm
Building B Upper - 94mm x 151mm x 83mm
Building B Roof - 96mm x 153mm x 4mm

Building C Lower - 87mm x 138mm x 58mm
Building C Roof - 87mm x 138mm x 4mm

Building D Lower - 88mm x 138mm x 58mm
Building D Roof - 87mm x 138mm x 4mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. No need for supports
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing. If you're finding the insert trays to be a little tight, scale them to between 96% and 98% in your slicing software.

These are pre-scaled for 32mm - 34mm scifi wargaming. You'll need to downscale to fit more conventional 28mm scaled games.