PaintPal Travel Hobby System Late Pledge Digital STL 3D printable

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The PaintPal Travel Hobby System is a simple 3D printable solution to your on-to-go hobby needs. Comprising a nifty paint tray for up to six 17ml dropper bottles and three paintbrushes, an optional optimized wet palette, and a lid that doubles as a drybrush texture palette, this sweet 3D printable system is perfect for taking your hobby on the road.

This is for a personal license only.


What's included?

The PaintPal Travel Hobby System is made up of six individual stackable trays. Inlcuded are: 

  • Drybrush Texture Palette Lid (optional print). Regular lid also included.
  • Dropper Bottle Carrier (six bottles)
  • Wet Palette
  • Brush Storage
  • Model Storage
  • Ink/Shade wells

As well as the 17ml dropper bottle carrier tray, there's also a variant main tray for ten 12ml 'flip-top' pots.

How does it work?

Well, it's pretty simple. Each tray has a small protruding 'lip' around its top edge and a corresponding cutout under the base. Each tray sits in place on these protrusions and can be held with a sturdy rubber band when not in use.

How do I print it and what else will I need?

First off, you will need access to an FDM 3D printer with a print area of 120mm x 200mm minimum. All the test printed pieces shown in the photos were printed using grey PLA plastic on a Prusa Mk2s at a layer height of 0.3mm without supports and at 10% infill. The prints were sprayed with coloured rattle cans afterwards.

Each tray measures 120mm x 197mm. The heights vary depending on the function of the tray but won't exceed 100mm tall.

The trays are optimized to print flat on the print bed and shouldn't require any cleanup. Printing with a brim or raft is not necessary due to the surface area of the models. 

The estimated amount of filament needed to print the six main trays is 620g approx. Based on 0.3mm layer height with 10% infill.

You will need parchment paper to form the paint surface and a thin sponge or folded paper towels to act as a reservoir for the wet palette.

Finally, a sturdy rubber band or thick elastic strap would be beneficial to keep everything together when on the move. The trays sit on top of each other and don't (currently!) have a locking mechanism of their own.

If you plan on traveling with the wet palette tray, it is advisable to wait until you reach your destination before filling your reservoir with water and loading your parchment with paint. I have traveled with the PaintPal wet palette laid flat in a backpack and didn't encounter any spillages, but your mileage may vary as there isn't a physical rubber seal between the wet palette and the lid.

26 Stretch Goals

All the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign were fully unlocked and are included in the final files. Among the files will be:

  • Paint Handle
  • Priming Stick
  • 8x Dropper Bottle Tray
  • Magnet Ready Storage Tray
  • 18ml / 24ml Flip-Top Pot Tray
  • 17ml Vertical Dropper Bottle Tray
  • Storage Dividers
  • Paint Pot Holders
  • Magnet Ready locking options
  • Dropper & Flip-Top Combo Tray
  • 22ml Dropper Bottle Insert
  • 18ml Flip-Top P3 Pot Insert
  • Vertical slide-in magnet sheet ready tray
  • Selection of storage trays from 10mm to 100mm tall
  • 30ml Kimera Kolors Dropper Insert
  • 15ml Two Thin Coats Dropper Insert
  • 30ml FW Ink Bottle Insert
  • 59ml Craft Paint Bottle Insert
  • Bitz Drawer Insert with 4 pull-out drawers
  • Oil Paint tube tray
  • Vertical Brush Stand
  • 50mm Priming Stick
  • 20ml Turbo Dork Dropper Bottle Insert
  • Snap Fit Closing System Option

** PLEASE NOTE - This late pledge is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer  - these are not physical goods **