Pilgrim City House 'B' 3D printable

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Ideally located right in the heart of the Pilgrim's City, this charming double storey building is the perfect getaway accommodation for spiritual travellers from across the galaxy.

This 3 part model is ideal for recreating the dusty ancient streets of the force attuned moon. Perfect companion piece to our hugely popular Pilgrim House 'A', this building was designed to fit with the Pilgrim City Archway and Steps, but is perfect on the gaming table by itself. It can be used with the optional supplied steps to allow access to the second storey doorway.

Prints in three parts for faster printing. Designed with smaller print beds in mind. No supports needed.


Lower - 85mm x 86mm x 71mm
Upper - 85mm - 89mm x 78mm
Roof - 82mm x 81mm x 38mm
Steps - 43mm x 85mm x 70mm