Pilgrim City House 'C' 3D printable

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Pilgrim City dwellings this luxurious rarely come on the property market at such a knock-down price. Situated right in the heart of the holy city, this property boasts two levels with a spacious first floor balcony, and upper guest quarters accessible by private terrace.

The dwelling is designed as part of our Pilgrim City range, and fits with the existing Pilgrim City Archway and Pilgrim City House 'B' to form a sizeable piece of gaming terrain ideal for creating the ancient streets of the holy city.

Features a ladder accessible upper storey, great for giving your units some elevation.

This model prints as four parts. No supports needed.


Lower - 116mm x 92mm x 78mm
Upper - 147mm x 132mm x 78mm
Back - 110mm x 42mm x 97mm
Roof - 110mm x 90mm x 36mm