Scifi Rock Cubes Digital STL 3D printable

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A set of twelve 3D printable 28mm - 40mm scale rock 'cube' formations perfect for scifi and fantasy themed wargaming layouts. The rock cube tops are flat for placing miniatures.

Comes as five large cube pieces plus four smaller rock sections. The large rock cubes are based around 3" (75mm) cubes. Two single cubes, a double, a tall double and a triple are included. The smaller pieces include a 6" barrier rock formation, a single and double rock measuring 3" and 1.5" respectively, and a smaller scatter rock piece.

Comes with three bridge sections for connecting your rock stacks too - single 3", a double 6" and a 7.5" - each with a width of over 58mm. Plenty wide for miniature bases from those skirmish games in a far away galaxy.

Perfect for creating more natural layouts for grid-based* sci-fi skirmish games!

!!! Beware though, the larger rock cubes are chonky and will use a lot of filament. On the flipside, they'll last a lifetime in comparison to foam built rock formations!


Single 1 - 103mm x 97mm x 77mm
Single 2 - 107mm x 101mm x 76mm
Double Long - 184mm x 103mm x 76mm
Double Tall - 105mm x 181mm x 154mm
Triple - 188mm x 240mm x 154mm
Barrier - 155mm x 57mm x 43mm
Small 1 - 38mm x 38mm x 38mm
Small 2 - 43mm x 79mm x 38mm
Small 3 - 74mm x 68mm x 60mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. Supports not needed for FDM. The triple rock cube is much larger and comes with the option as a split model (2 sections) for easier printing.
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing.

* Rocks have jagged and outcropping pieces, including on the base sections, which may be larger than the 3" grid lines in certain scifi skirmish games.