Tall Trees 3d printable

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Scalable 3D printable tall trees for 28mm-34mm wargaming with 5 different sculpts. Perfect for recreating the imposing terrain of a certain forest moon.

Recommended printing at 0.2 layer height. Supports only required for the "fallen tree" model.

Print at 100% for the first four, and then scale further models to create a multitude of various sizes and shapes.


  • Tree A: 110mm x 110mm x 199mm
  • Tree B: 88mm x 92mm x 158mm
  • Tree C: 113mm x 115mm x 197mm
  • Tree D: 108mm x 110mm x 161mm
  • Fallen Tree: 170mm x 92mm x 58mm


Any future updates or additional models will be added to this pack at no extra cost.

These models are big files with lots of exterior details, and may take longer to process in slicer software.