Urban Construction Office Digital STL 3D printable

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This set of 3D printable 28mm - 40mm scale construction site offices are a great addition to the Urban Construction Site modular terrain. Compatible with Fallout, Last Days, The Walking Dead All Out War, MCP and more.

Supplied as 6 variations of shipping container/portable modular structures. Each have the option of a printable drop-in floor for interior play, plus the offices themselves can be stacked for increased verticality!

The set also comes with a set of printable stairs to access the upper stack. These print without the need for supports and click together using handy OpenLOCK clips. There’s also an optional riser piece with small steps.

These are already sized to be compatible mainly with MCP but would work equally well with regular 28mm miniatures when rescaled to approximately 78%.


Lower Building - 152mm x 65mm x 58mm
Roof - 152mm x 65mm x 5mm
Riser - 151mm x 65mm x 19mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. All files can be printed on a 200mm x 200mm print bed. Supports not needed
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing.