Urban English Terraced House Digital STL 3D printable

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A terrace or terraced house (UK) or townhouse (US) is a form of medium-density housing that originated in Europe in the 16th century, whereby a row of attached dwellings share side walls. They are also known as row houses or row homes in the United States.
Two-up two-down is a type of small house with two rooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms upstairs. Often it is part of a terrace. This form of architecture was widely used in industrial towns in the British Isles.

This 28mm scale brick-fronted 3D printable Terraced House comes as three main pieces. Compatible with games like Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse, Fallout, The Walking Dead, This Is Not A Test, and other 28mm survival games. Scale between 115% and 126% to be compatible with MCP, depending on personal preference.

The upper floor and the roof are removable to allow access to the interior. Optional printable drop-in floors are included for interior play.
Simply mirror the parts in your slicer to create the opposite house in the terrace/row.


Lower Floor - 116mm x 101mm x 60mm
Upper Floor - 120mm x 101mm x 59mm
Roof - 108mm x 101mm x 44mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. All files can be printed on a 200mm x 200mm print bed. Supports not needed although you may prefer to add manual supports to ensure easier printing.
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing.