Urban Hell's Kitchen Block 'B' Digital STL 3D printable

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This is a 28mm scale 3D printable set of terrain perfect for creating a thematic layout based on the well-known location of 'Hell's Kitchen' in NYC. Compatible with games like MCP, The Walking Dead, Fallout, Last Days.

Supplied as four separate multi-part printable buildings featuring the architectural style of New York City with brickwork, arched window facades, pipework and wiring. Each building has the option to print with windows or without.

Combine these with the Hell's Kitchen Block 'A', Starter Bundle Phase 2 or Bundle Phase 3 to create a fantastic looking city setting for your games.
These would look particularly thematic with the Bleecker Street bundle of buildings.

Each building prints as multiple parts ensuring faster printing and comes with shop signage for thematic interest. The buildings are O'Murphy's Irish Pub, Ninth Avenue Liquor Store, 24 Hour Farmacia, and Economy Grocery Store.
Hanging Signs print separately and will need to be glued to the main building model. Irish Pub roof overhang prints separately and needs to be glued.

When printing to be compatible with MCP, scale to 115% to 126% depending on personal preference. Supports not needed.


Liquor Store Lower - 90mm x 145mm x 63mm
Liquor Store Upper A - 90mm x 150mm x 53mm
Liquor Store Upper B - 90mm x 144mm x 53mm
Liquor Store Roof - 90mm x 151mm x 13mm

Farmacia Lower - 160mm x 150mm x 63mm
Farmacia Upper - 191mm x 179mm x 93mm
Farmacia Roof - 166mm x 156mm x 25mm

Irish Pub Lower - 160mm x 168mm x 60mm
Irish Pub Upper A - 160mm x 165mm x 79mm
Irish Pub Upper B - 160mm x 165mm x 63mm
Irish Pub Roof - 160mm x 168mm x 23mm

Grocery Store Lower - 141mm x 167mm x 63mm
Grocery Store Upper A - 141mm x 199mm x 53mm
Grocery Store Upper B - 141mm x 165mm x 53mm
Grocery Store Roof - 141mm x 171mm x 20mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. All files can be printed on a 200mm x 200mm FDM print bed. Supports not needed .
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing.