Urban Starter Phase 7 Bundle Digital STL 3D printable

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This is the seventh bundle of 28mm scale 3D printable terrain and includes a lot of the models from Phase 7 of the Modern & Heroic range. The buildings included allow you to populate your gaming table with plenty of urban thematic terrain and are compatible with games such as The Walking Dead, Fallout and MCP (size 3/4/5 buildings).

Included in this bundle are:

Urban Game Store
Urban Three Floor House C
Urban Pizza Building
Urban Punk Rock Club
Urban Scatter Bundle 2


Urban Scatter 2
Bus Shelter Full - 99mm x 40mm x 53mm
Electrical Junction Box 1 - 38mm x 21mm x 39mm
Electrical Junction Box 2 - 15mm x 16mm x 32mm
Fire Hydrant - 11mm x 8mm x 20mm
Pay Phone - 15mm x 17mm x 38mm
Trash Can - 14mm x 13mm x 19mm
Mattress with Junk - 86mm x 85mm x 21mm
Rubbish Pile 1 - 27mm x 19mm x 13mm
Rubbish Pile 2 - 43mm x 29mm x 17mm
Rubbish Pile 3 - 25mm x 21mm x 19mm
Rubbish Pile 4 - 27mm x 25mm x 22mm
Rubbish Pile 5 - 25mm x 20mm x 21mm
Rubbish Pile 6 - 42mm x 34mm x 26mm

Urban Game Store
Lower - 139mm x 116mm x 59mm
Roof - 139mm x 118mm x 28mm

Urban Three Floor House B
Basement - 142mm x 165mm x 46mm
Lower Floor - 142mm x 176mm x 63mm
Upper Floor - 142mm x 165mm x 63mm
Roof - 143mm x 167mm x 20mm
Back Steps - 30mm x 80mm x 63mm
Front Steps - 37mm x 51mm x 64mm

Urban Pizza Building
Lower - 151mm x 127mm x 73mm
Upper A - 154mm x 135mm x 74mm
Upper B - 154mm x 134mm x 74mm
Roof - 154mm x 139mm x 14mm

Urban Punk Rock Club Building
Lower: 190mm x 189mm x 63mm
Upper A: 190mm x 191mm x 51mm
Upper B: 190mm x 185mm x 63mm
Roof: 190mm x 186mm x 17mm
Awning: 140mm x 38mm x 53mm

Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm. No need for supports.*
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing.

This is a bundle of digital files, and NOT physical printed models.

*Check individual product pages for support recommendations and scaling options for different game systems such as MCP.

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