Pilgrim City Bundle 3D printable

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3D printable terrain models for epic galactic battles through the narrow dusty streets of the ancient pilgrim moon’s main holy city. Featuring 6 structures to populate your gaming boards to create the centuries old look of the holy city.

Included in this bundle are:

Pilgrim City House ‘A’

Pilgrim City House ‘B’

Pilgrim City House ‘C’

Pilgrim City Shrine

Pilgrim City Steps & Archway

Pilgrim City Trader’s Marketstall

Pilgrim City Governor's Building

Scaled to fit 28mm - 34mm tabletop wargames, but can be re-scaled to print most scales.

All print without the need for supports. All but the Pilgrim City 'C' upper floor will fit on smaller print beds. That particular piece could be split and printed as two pieces.

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