Pilgrim City Junk Dealers Corral Digital STL 3D printable

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"Are you on the hunt for a DX-120 hyperdrive? Or how about a stol .., eh, 'salvaged' conepot type generator for your home dwelling? Call into Davlo's Junk Dealership and pick your up a bargain."

This 3D printable terrain piece comes as 27 pieces to allow you create a huge modular compound however you like. The main Junk Dealer's building prints as 3 parts for faster printing and features a ladder to the upper floor, allowing you to place your units with a higher line of sight. Brilliant companion piece to both the Pilgrim City bundle and the Pilgrim City Commerce Guild models

All the buildings have removable doors and roofs so you can place your miniatures inside. The supplied walls have a mixture of damaged, regular and greebie-attached pieces, with both corners and straights in the set.

The main entrance archway features a massive arch flanked by two taller towers, both of which print as 3 pieces. The archway has a ladder embedded at the back for access to the walkway, while the opening has plenty of room for units to fit through.
Also included are standalone items like a Cargo Pallet and a Walkway for connecting the Storage Building to the Garage Building.


Junk Dealers Building Lower - 191mm x 173mm x 68mm
Junk Dealers Building Upper - 140mm x 140mm x 61mm
Junk Dealers Building Roof - 99mm x 83mm x 28mm

Garage Building Lower - 193mm x 144mm x 86mm
Garage Building Roof - 158mm x 106mm x 13mm

Storage Building Lower - 92mm x 132mm x 68mm
Storage Building Roof - 80mm x 120mm x 25mm

Archway - 159mm x 92mm x 136mm

Tower Lower - 63mm x 110mm x 119mm
Tower Upper - 75mm x 87mm x 75mm
Tower Roof - 61mm x 87mm x 13mm

Straight Wall - 120mm x 32mm x 60mm

No need for supports*. Recommended printing resolution - 0.2mm.
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing

* The canopy on the main Junk Dealer's Building might require supports depending on your printer/slicers bridging capabilities and settings.
Simplify3D and Cura both have customisable support options.

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