Pilgrim City Shrine 3D printable


Join the thousands of holy pilgrims who flock to the ancient temples and shrines dedicated the mystical energy that binds the galaxy together. This structure in the holy city is considered a sacred site, worshipped by scholars and holy men and women from across the galaxy.

This shrine model comes as three parts - the lower main shrine with integrated statue, the roof section with cauldron, and the steps. Designed to fit in with our popular Pilgrim City range, this shrine looks great next to the Pilgrim City Traders Market Stall and the Archway and Steps. Ideal for adding line-of-sight blocking terrain for your units, and providing defensive heavy cover.

Designed with smaller print beds in mind. Perfect for the Monoprice Select Mini. No supports needed.


Lower Shrine - 90mm x 89mm x 94mm
Roof Section - 90mm x 67mm x 31mm
Steps - 116mm x 67mm x 110mm

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